bootrino is a website that netboots Run-From-RAM operating systems on AWS, Google & Digital Ocean
bootrino is 100% free for personal use, open source projects & companies employing 10 people or less
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If security and performance are important, then your cloud servers need a
Run-From-RAM operating system.

Imagine if you could strip away everything from your cloud servers except your application code.... get rid of all that unused Linux distro code. Now you can.

bootrino netboots a Run-From-RAM operating system on Google, Amazon or Digital Ocean, loads a startup script from any HTTP server, which pulls in your code (any programming language) and runs it in seconds. Amazingly simple.

A Run-From-RAM OS can be configured:
  • with minimal attack surface
  • with extreme speed
  • without unneeded code distro code
Run-From-RAM operating systems.... fast, secure, minimal
What is an Run-From-RAM OS?
A Run-From-RAM operating system runs purely from RAM.

Typically they are extremely minimal and might consist only of a kernel plus application code.

They can (optionally) be set up to have no user login system at all, no way to get inside & no unneeded code on the server (which represents a security risk).

Run your code on an Run-From-RAM OS
bootrino lets you run YOUR OWN CODE. ANY CODE. Stripped down, nothing else running but your application in a Run-From-RAM OS.
Run-From-RAM Python
Run-From-RAM Java
Run-From-RAM Ruby
Run-From-RAM nodejs
Run-From-RAM .NET core
Run any language
For security
Nothing running but your application code, minimal attack surface.
No containers, unless you want them
bootrino launches ordinary cloud instances and does not use containers. You can run containers in your OS if you want, that's up to you, but bootrino is not based on containers.
Run-From-RAM OS options: Unikernels
Unikernels are a specialised type of application-only operating system.
Alpine Linux Run-From-RAM
Alpine Linux is a popular micro distribution of Linux which you can run via bootrino.
Yocto Linux Run-From-RAM
For the ultimate control, build your own custom embedded Linux with Yocto Linux and run it as an Run-From-RAM OS.
Tiny Core Linux Run-From-RAM
Tiny Core Linux is another popular micro Linux distribution that runs in RAM. bootrino lets you run it in the cloud.
Use cases: run databases in RAM
Make an Run-From-RAM OS as a caching, Run-From-RAM database server with Postgres, MySQL or whatever DB you like! (included in examples)
Use cases: run Redis in RAM
Run Redis in a Run-From-RAM OS as a fast cache server.
Use cases: run web server in RAM
Deploy your web application in a Run-From-RAM OS for simplicity, speed and security.
Share bootrino scripts!
bootrino is web based, which means you can explore and share bootrino shell scripts that reside on public HTTP servers.
$ Pricing for personal use, open source projects & companies employing 10 people or less:
Full, unrestricted functionality:
100% free
$ Pricing for government, military, education & companies employing more than 10 people:
Full, unrestricted functionality:
@$80/month (paid annually) per user
@$95/month (paid monthly) per user